Blog/Hipaa Compliant Website


Client Challenge: A dentist needed a fully HIPAA compliant website, including appropriate back-end encryption for the organization and storage of all Protected Health Information (PHI). Cappers’ Solution: Custom website with full HIPAA compliance

Cappers Applications developed a fully HIPAA compliant website for Family Dentistry of San Antonio. HIPAA is an act that regulates that all PHI (Protected Health Information) is secured. Any sensitive patient information like address, date of birth, or any medical record is considered to be PHI.

For a website to be fully HIPAA compliant, all the PHI data should be encrypted at rest and in transit. For this, Cappers’ Wordpress developers used FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. In addition to data encryption, HIPAA requires that the PHI data be securely backed-up and that deletions are permanent. The website was deployed on HIPAA compliant hosting with Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Cappers Applications has over 5 years experience in healthcare website development, including encryption and security compliance with HIPAA.



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