Pilot Project

What Our Free Pilot Project offers:

User Story Writing Workshop


During this interactive session we help you paint your dream application in vivid story-telling colours.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Definition workshop

Having your dream application is just the first important step in your journey. We help you gain traction by showing you the minimum set of features that will make your application attractive, test-ready, feasible and usable for your end users. A huge benefit our clients gain on MVP is how much money they can save in the process. You do not have to lose so much money to “secondary” or “not so important” features while the minimum requirements and most important features you application needs to serve its purpose are ignored. We help you to draw a distinctive line between the core features you need and the excessive utilities that can be added later on.

Getting your application off the ground and making it meet your intended dream is the main focus of the MVP and we make this available to you during the software development phase.


Up to 40 developer hours to create the first sketch of MVP.