Portfolio/A Web Application For Pet Microchips Company

A Web Application for Pet Microchips Company


Cappers has developed a web application for a long-term client. The web app consists of three parts: Application for pet owner, Application for a vet clinic and the Admin dashboard.

Application for pet owners

The Application for pet owners can register and store information about their animals, such as, chip information and transfer animal profiles when changing owners. If the animal is lost, the chip can be scanned and returned to its owners.

Application for veterinarians

The second application is for veterinarians and veterinary clinics. It has a similar menu to the owners app, and in addition it stores information about the chips purchased from suppliers, about all chipped animals, the contact details of the owners and can generate reports and view useful resources.

Application for admin

The third application is for the admin. The admin has all the basic functionality plus, starts microchips in the system and can transfer them to veterinary clinics and veterinarians. Also, the admin can monitor the helpdesk to resolve all issues that arise during the operation of applications, and add various resources for users.


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