User Story Writing Workshop

Our story-writing workshops are designed to tell the product story from the user’s perspective using simple descriptions and high-level product requirements. Workshops are allowed to run for as long as two hours; the more experts from client’s side are involved in User story-writing, the better product description outcomes. The User story-map, which is the end product, becomes the framework for plan development. This improves communication and coordination between the product owner and the product developers


Minimum Viable Product Definition

While the previous step tries to describe the product in detail and showcase all possible features, it is nothing but an idea… a concept that needs to be tested and proven. We help product owners save a fortune in time and resources by inventing the perfect sounding board – a test vehicle known as the MVP, which is a working application fitted with the minimum required features. This transforms the product from an idea on paper to a usable application for the real world

Incrementally building software story by story

After User Stories have been written down and the MVP has been clearly communicated, it is time to start application development. We incrementally build software story by story because every new release adds new features and requirements; these expand and grow the initial idea. 

Final Release

When all user stories have been developed it’s time to release the application, we take care of every aspect of the product’s distribution process and follow up till it gets to application stores.