A leading Canadian software development and consulting company.
Cappers Applications Inc. software developers working at a table on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.
Cappers is a software development and consulting company located in the Greater Toronto Area (Oakville), specializing in web and mobile apps, website design and web- development, custom software development, product advisory, system integration, and technical support.
However, we can do so much more! With a local, technology and business driven Project Management team leading projects and communication with our clients, and an experienced, full stack development team doing the coding, we provide the best price to quality ratio available.
We are more than coders. We are a group of business oriented, customer focused individuals who strive to innovate. We enjoy taking on challenging projects that allow us to implement and increase our knowledge base.
Our team has more than 15 years of experience in startup business development, with a focus on online and FinTech startups in the past several years; and the CTO, who has more than 15 years of experience as a software developer in SAP and other companies, as well years of experience as a team leader (MBA and PMP certificates).
Partner, CEO
Before Cappers Applications, I ran the FinTech company and developed disruptive on-line platform for Small Businesses and start-up p2p loans. This experience gave me a deep understanding on how to develop successful financial businesses online, although it is the most traditional and heavy regulated industry.With 15 years of experience, I specialized mostly on solutions for Small Businesses and start-ups. An executive MBA education gave me strong knowledge of strategy, in addition to my previous experience.After familiarizing myself with your business model, our team will provide the best software solution that will be innovative, sustainable and intuitive for you and your clients.
Partner, CTO
I have more than 16 years of experience in IT management and consulting and worked for two Fortune 500 companies. I started off as part of the BP (British Petroleum) and SAP development team and focused on ERP systems development and support. In addition to my “geek” IT background, my MBA program gave me the understanding of strategy and business development. I can accurately analyze the entire business process and help to formulate the final goal, before starting to develop a software solution. Sometimes, all a business needs is an excel table, so I will advise and will help to develop one. But, if you decide that web, mobile app or custom software will boost your business, then I will bring ALL of your business objectives into focus, and we will build what you need!
Product Manager
Product management is my dream job. I’m a curious person who finds no greater joy in my professional life than to work with clients and stakeholders to understand their challenges then take action. Whether it be to help improve an existing product, reposition an existing service, or to better understand the competitive forces and trends affecting an industry, I bring enthusiasm and 20 years of IT product management experience to each project I work on. The result is satisfied clients across Canada and Europe, all from my home base in New Brunswick, Canada.My passion is infectious, so expect a lot of questions as I truly believe that successful products are market driven. As I often tell my clients, ‘It doesn’t matter what I think, it is what the market thinks’ and I embody that motto in delivering product management advice for my clients to help them define, deliver and differentiate their solutions. Contact me, or our team of product advisors today, to learn more about how we can help.