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Had a great time at the Digital Summit in Detroit
Had a great time at the Digital Summit in Detroit. I listened, learned and connected with some great people. I wanted to share with everyone some of my personal take aways during the Summit.
I was definitely interested to hear that Email Marketing is a large influence in B2B in Sales and Marketing. There was lots of buzz about Website Migration, however, I did not hear much about Static Website and the difference. This was true evidence that it is very much still NEW technology. Another key topic at the Summit was Online Reviews which became a SEO discussion.
Web application acceptance tests
Let’s assume we are running acceptance tests of our application during the testing stage in gitlab-ci. The runner starts the container with our web app, and then executes codeception acceptance tests using the selenium server using the google chrome browser.
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Cappers Applications Inc.
Welcome to our new, lighter and faster website. With the use of Gatsby - JavaScript site generator, we are able to create a static website, which combines the latest technology, ReactJS and GraphQL.
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Online reputation management
Are you a Digital Agency or Digital Expert where you help to Small Businesses improve local SEO? Cappers Application has developed a new way to help Digital Agencies that work on local SEO for their clients. 11am.io
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Google Chrome extension for MDland
As the world evolves and your company expands, there are many difficult obstacles you can come across. One particular challenge is adding a new web application that seamlessly integrates with already existing programs.
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